Acatus offers automated, cost-efficient, high-frequency securitization, even for single assets, in real-time.

Acatus transforms and distributes to the capital markets various types of cash-flow bearing assets, e.g. loans, receivables or other claims, on portfolio and single asset basis, thus providing originators with increased flexibility for balance sheet, risk and liquidity management. In addition, Acatus flexible setup allows it to offer customized portfolio securitization. Major asset classes include corporate, consumer and real estate assets, e.g. SME loans, Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) or real estate debt.

Onboarding with Acatus is easy. Once integrated into the Acatus platform, originators can use its securitization service

  • to deleverage and micro-manage balance sheet risks,
  • to optimize usage of its regulatory equity capital,
  • to refinance new loans or other projects in real-time via our capital markets platform, or
  • to gain liquidity.

To this end, our securitization service represents an innovative solution that

  • works automated,
  • is highly time- and cost-efficient,
  • provides complete process transparency, and
  • integrates seamlessly with existing IT banking infrastructure.

In contrast to traditional portfolio securitization, our non-tranched single asset securitization is also suitable for small to mid-sized assets and balance sheets. In addition to the major reduction in costs and time, the originators direct access to a broad range of institutional investors through the Acatus debt capital markets platform is another major advantage

“To me, Acatus is first and foremost a partner for banks. The innovative idea and digital processes result in advantages for the whole industry. Acatus enables established banks to use the instrument of securitization for easy, fast and cost effective refinancing. That results in a more effective risk distribution and a more flexible equity management when approving loans.“

Dr. Michael Kemmer, former Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks and former Chairman of BayernLB

“Through its digital securitization process and Debt Capital Markets platform, Acatus will provide us with cost-efficient access to capital markets and thus supports us by extending the investor base for our German traded endowment policies.“

Sebastian Siebert, Managing Director European Policy Exchange Limited (Epex)