Acatus will offer fully automated, transparent and cost-efficient single asset securitization in real time.

Acatus securitizes various types of assets (e.g. SME loans, Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) or real estate debt) on a single asset basis, thus providing originators with increased flexibility for risk and liquidity management. In addition, its flexible setup allows Acatus to offer customized portfolio securitization.

Once on-boarded onto the Acatus platform, originators can use its securitization service

  • to deleverage and micro-manage balance sheet risks,
  • to free up cash and gain liquidity,
  • to finance loans and projects live and in real-time over the capital markets platform without equity requirements, or
  • to meet regulatory or internal equity capital ratios.

For these purposes, our securitization service represents an innovative solution that

  • works fully automated,
  • is highly time- and cost-efficient,
  • provides complete process transparency, and
  • integrates seamlessly with existing IT banking infrastructure.

In contrast to traditional portfolio securitization, our single asset or portfolio securitization is also suitable for small to mid-sized balance sheets. Next to the major decrease in costs and time, another major advantage rests in the originator’s direct access to a broad range of institutional investors through the Acatus debt capital markets platform.